4-H Acres: A Place to Belong (all year long)!: Phase III

Feb. 2013 updates

  These pictures were taken of the back room and attic of Kiwanis Hall as we cleaned out the clutter:

Phase 2-walls are coming down!


More walls coming down and stuff being moved out.  We are starting to install the new heating system within the next 2 weeks!  Today we also reached $52,000 worth of donations! 


 We are moving along really well.  The back room is going to be framed out by the middle of Feb., insulation goes in this week and the heating system throughout the building is almost complete! 

I am including a wish list in case folks want to give to this effort in other ways:

For the 4-H Acres Capital Campaign-wish list

  • New linoleum or all-weather carpeting
  • Bathroom paint-someone to paint the bathrooms
  • 2 new commercial toilets
  • Storage shed
  • New roof gutters and someone to install them
  • Excavation work including:
    • Fixing existing driveway
    • Building sidewalk
    • Excavation work around building
    • Building new parking lot
    • Someone to do finishing work
    • New bathroom fixtures, including handicap bars
    • Upgraded office furniture
    • Shelves for kitchen
    • New 4-H Acres sign
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$20000 goal

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