4-H Acres. A Place to Belong phase II.

Phase II of our 4-H Acres improvement challenge is underway!

At 4-H we believe that every child needs the opportunity to belong to a caring community. For over 40 years,  4-H Acres has provided thousands of youth and families with a place to belong.  Current research emphasizes the importance for youth to have opportunities for long-term consistent relationships with adults other than parents.  This research suggests that a sense of belonging may be the single most powerful positive ingredient we can add into the lives of children and youth.

For young people from across Tompkins County, 4-H Acres is a home away from home that provides:

  • a safe place to go after school
  • a unique indoor and outdoor space
  • a venue to showcase their 4-H project work
  • a location where they can prepare care packages for local families in need
  • an environment where they have a say in what happens

4-H Acres offers young people opportunities to experience Belonging, Mastery, Generosity, and Independence– helping them to grow into competent, contributing adults.

4-H Acres is currently used more than 300 days a year, by over 3,000 participants from across the county.  It has become evident the physical limitations of our current facilities limit the scope of services we are able provide.

With your support, we will:

  • provide new lighting and flooring in our pole barn
  • repair bridges and nature trails
  • paint buildings
  • improve lighting in parking areas
  • upgrade our sign

With your help, we can provide our kids and community members with facilities that support the highest quality non-formal education.

Your gift will help us to continue to transform 4-H Acres into A Place to Belong (all year long!).  Please make your gift by October 15, 2015.

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Website: http://ccetompkins.org/4-h-youth
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